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I'm Sarah Venamore

… and based in Leeton (Yanco, NSW) and I travel widely for Pony Club, Adult Riding Club and vaulting coaching throughout New South Wales and Australia. Equiste is dedicated to the discerning equestrian. My students and I strive for excellence in dressage, riding tuition and vaulting.

I'm Sarah Venamore

Private Clinics

I am available for private clinics where both horse and rider are trained. I specialise in teaching group lessons and private lessons, including dressage, jumping and vaulting. I work with the rhythm, looseness and contact, impulsion, and straightness of the horse culminating in collection and fabulous feel for the rider. Equiste runs various fun, engaging and effective camps, throughout the year. I travel for private clinics, group training sessions and EA Coach training. I am an EA Coach Educator and am available for internet training, assessing or ‘train to teach’ sessions at the local arenas or at your place.

Fees and Prices

NSW Pony Club

I am the NSW State Dressage Coach for Pony Club and on the paid instructors panel, and available both privately and through state organised clinics. Through Pony Club I run dressage, vaulting and instructor schools.
Over many years of teaching dressage to pony club members and adults, I developed a series of arena exercises to keep my students and their mounts motivated and interested.
Sarah shares her passion for horses and riding with her students.

Pony Club
NSW Pony Club


Vaulting is a unique equestrian sport, which dates back to the Roman times. Modern day vaulting is a combination of gymnastics and dance performed on the back of a moving (lunged) horse. This fun sport for all ages promotes co-ordination, balance, physical health, individuality, self esteem, the ability to work as part of a team, lifelong friendship, all linked by the overwhelming love and trust of the horse. Competitions consist of Individual, Pas de deux, and Squads of 6, both on the Horses and Barrel. There are two phases in all the events, firstly, Compulsories then the Freestyle (any number of moves, put to music for one minute).

The Right Track I

The Right Track  is a series of exercises for Individuals at home training by themselves or for Coaches teaching individual or group lessons. This book has warm up exercises and exercises for working on straightness, flexion and bend, and some great ideas for making the training varied and interesting.

Over 100 Excersies

Designed to improve transitions, rhythm, flexion, bend, accuracy, balance and much more. They cover straight lines and circles, and can be ridden in various gaits. Transition exercises have been popular, not only for the variety when working, but also for the improvement in the horses way of going.

Arena schooling

Useful for instructors and pupils alike. It is divided into groups of patterns that build in difficulty, which helps in progressive schooling.

Practical equestrian book

On the Equestrian Federation of Australia's recommended reading list for Coaches and has received official accreditation from the New South Wales Pony Club.

Book Reviews

  • “Internationally experienced horsewoman and now author, Sarah Venamore, … aims to make learning the various exercise much easier for both rider and horse. The secret to performing arena exercises is understanding and that’s where Sarah’s book really shines. This is a very useful book for riders of all ages and experience. This book is designed to survive life in the stable, tack shed or horse float …”

    South East Queensland Horse Report
  • “If you’re forever finding yourself wandering aimlessly around the arena with your horse during a supposed ‘schooling session’, then you need this book! With loads of great exercises designed to improve transitions, rhythm, accuracy, flexion and balance, flatwork sessions will soon become much more interesting , fun and effective!”

    Horse and Rider magazine, UK
  • “Where is an easy-to-understand, systematic approach, which embraces fun and dreams at the beginning end of the scale, and yet dovetails perfectly into launching serious ambitions at the top end of the scale? It’s my opinion that The Right Track offers exactly that: a pathway that is safe, is fun, and leads to dressage skills at the “legend” end of the scale.”

    Heath Ryan, Australian Grand Prix Dressage Champion
  • “Whether you’re an instructor looking for ideas or a rider looking to break out of riding in endless circles, this book deserves a spot in your tack trunk.”

    Practical Horseman magazine
  • “I originally purchased The Right Track 1 & 2 to help aid me in retraining horses. As the books cover such a range of levels, abilities and movements, it allowed me to mix and match with ease for each horse. The way the books are set out and the diagrams and language used makes it incredibly easy to understand and remember. The Right Track is also fantastic in allowing me to come up with interesting lesson ideas to use for Pony club and EA in both group and individuals lessons.”

    Riana Philby

The Right Track II

The Right Track 11 has more exercises for the horse, rider and coach. The book begins with information on how riders learn for the coach and rider to understand how to best retain information. There are varied exercises for warm up, and improving transitions, and many arena shapes. It has an index at the back to help choose relevant exercises for you and your horse.

Arena Excercises

Exercises for the horse and rider which work on the gymnastic training from warm up through to advanced manoeuvres. They work with the riders mind for planning and preparation to allow the horse to achieve balanced transitions, into and out of a variety of shapes whist working in a rhythm.

Rider Learning

Coaches and riders understanding of learning improves the process. Creating memory skills is an equestrian task that is covered in this book, enjoy providing the extra service to your student or working with your own technique to enable your horse to work with you in a more fulfilling way.

Useful Equestrian Book

These books are set up to be put on your ’44 gallon drum’ at home while you train the exercise then turn the pages for your nest choice.(It even copes with being left outside occasionally!!). The index gives you the page number for exercises to improve any difficult areas you may encounter in your work program.



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