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Save $5.50 with The Right Track Bundle!


The Right Track may be the practical equestrian books you have been waiting for. It is aimed at…

  • riders who want a plan for their training
  • instructors to…
    • give students some ideas for ‘homework.’
    • keep riders and horses interested & motivated in group lessons.

The exercises are designed to improve transitions, rhythm, flexion, bend, accuracy, and much more. They cover straight lines and circles, and can be ridden in various gaits. Transition exercises have been popular, not only for the variety when working, but also for the improvement in the horses way of going.

The Right Track Bundle (I & II)

  • *presented in a ‘rain jacket’ cover, with the pages in a paper which allows for the dust to be wiped off. Spiral bound to be taken down and used in the arena, its a book for all tack rooms.

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