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It works with the same principles of straightness, forward, flexion, bend, transitions, awareness and lateral work. The Right Track II  is the next book in the series, with fantastic exercises to challenge the mind and the body, for both horse and rider. Includes a section to explain how we think and learn to help you get the most out of your own lessons or to help you train others.

This is the sequel to The Right Track. There are more exercises, some of which expand from the first book. The Right Track II aims to provide mentally and physically challenging exercises to encourage riders to make more use of the arena.

There is a section about how we learn to allow the coach and rider to understand how a training session can work to the riders benefit. It is also divided into groups of patterns that build in difficulty, which helps in progressive schooling.

The Right Track II

  • *presented in a ‘rain jacket’ cover, with the pages in a paper which allows for the dust to be wiped off. Spiral bound to be taken down and used in the arena, its a book for all tack rooms.

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